XDTH Chapter 18: Xiebing regained consciousness!


Wu, so painful… my whole body hurts. What happened?

“Bing’er, Bing’er, wake up, it’s all mother’s fault…” she heard her mother’s gentle and pained voice beside her.

“Ning’er, Bing’er is going to be fine, you should go rest.” Xiebing’s father, Jun Ruotian comforted Liu Suning with a hoarse voice.

Oh, I have reached home? It should be Xue Ying who sent me back. Xiebing lightly opened her eyes, looking right into the reddish eyes of her mother and seeing her father’s haggard look.

“Father, mother….” Xiebing calls out with difficulty, her dry throat making her voice sound hoarse.

“Bing’er, you have finally woken up, you nearly scared me to death!” Liu Suning loudly exclaims. Upon hearing her voice, she excitedly grabbed a cup of water beside her bed and supported her body to let her drink.

After soothing her throat, Xiebing raised her head and wiped the tears off her mother’s face, comforting her by saying that she is fine.

Jun Ruotian saw that his beloved daughter had finally awoken, happily said, “Bing’er, rest well, for now, I will inform your grandfather and uncle about this, they were nearly worried to death!” He stared at her and said, “You better give us an explanation!”

Xiebing smiled grimly and placed her head in her mother’s warm lap, saying “Mother, Bing’er is sorry for making you worry…”

“My obedient Bing’er, please don’t scare me again next time, okay? Seeing your body covered in blood just makes my heart ache…” Liu Suning’s voice trailed off, tears welling in her eyes, her fear showing clearly.

Xiebing wiped the tears off her mother’s face and gave her a big hug, nodding slowly.

“Wow, Bing’er, you have finally awoken, you scared me!” Bing’er’s brother, Jun Xiechen’s flustered voice resonated around the room as he entered.

He is soon accompanied by Bing’er’s grandfather, uncle, father, nanny and elder siblings.

“Bing’er, who has hurt you! I will cripple him so bad that he will be unable to take care of himself!” Jun Xiesi saw Xiebing’s pale face, angrily clenched her fists. Who dares to bully her sister?!

“Bing’er, does it still hurt?” Jun Ruoyun asked, seeing his sister hurt badly, swore to himself to make whoever had hurt her pay the price.

Bing’er’s grandfather, uncle and father all solemnly looked at her, unable to hide the hurt in their eyes.

“Bing’er made everyone worry, but please let me deal with this myself, alright?” Her apologetic eyes quickly turned cold. No one can hurt her without paying the price. Tian City’s Tianxin! If 12 years later I don’t turn your Tian City upside down, I will write my name backwards!

“Grandfather, do you know about Tian City?” Xiebing decides to ask her grandfather instead of searching about it herself.

Upon hearing Tian City, the faces of all the elders darkened, and her grandfather’s eyes gradually turned grave. “Xiebing, was it Tian City’s people who attacked you?”

Not wanting her family to worry, Xiebing replied, “No, I received an invitation to attend the Tian City gathering 12 years later.”

“Oh?” Xiebing felt the relief emanating from her family members. Her grandfather then said, “Let me tell you all the different powers on our continent!”

“As you know on our Oscar continent, apart from the royal family and a few major clans, there are still 3 more major powers, namely Tian City, Death City, and Dream Capital!”

Tian City, located in the west, is an island in the Fantasy sea, isolated from existence. Apparently, Tian City is full of handsome men and beautiful women, their city leader is an unfathomable person. To put it plainly, Tian City gathering which is held every 20 years, is simply a battle between geniuses, open to all below 59 years old, and every major power on the continent will participate.

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Death City, true to its name, is a place filled with both killing and death. The entrance is outside Nether Island, and the city is located underground. Death City is a paradise for the strong and hell for the weak. No one has ever seen the leader of Death City, but no one dares to make a fuss there!

Dream Capital, unlike Tian City which is isolated and full of death like Death City, is a city filled with luxury. There, money is king! No difference between the strong and the weak, the noble or the peasants, only money matters! Over there, one can experience all the luxuries the continent has to offer, it is heaven for those who are rich!

After understanding these, Xiebing and the others all felt a fire in their blood and saw the affirmation in each other’s eyes. Go! How can we not go?! If we do not visit such places, we are disrespecting God’s grace in giving us this life!

“You all, enough, better go and cultivate diligently, don’t think of going to any of these 3 places without reaching the level of the Spirit Saint first!” Grandfather sternly said. With them being so weak currently, going there is simply seeking death!

The four of them scratched their heads, knowing that grandfather meant well. But merely reaching Spirit Saint, hmph, we will reach there soon!

“Oh right, grandfather, before I left didn’t I bring back a batch of kids? How are they doing now?” Xiebing suddenly remembered the kids she had brought back and decided to ask for them.

“Ah that bunch of kids, Bing’er this time you really found a treasure! And Ling Xiao that kid is really not bad!” Jun Ruotian upon hearing his beloved daughter ask after the kids began praising unabashedly.

“Yes, Bing’er, those kids are comparable to our Jun family’s geniuses! And that Zixuan is also training with them every day!” Her uncle’ eyes gleamed in satisfaction as he talked about them.

Little fatty is a decent chap! And Ling Xiao, and that lonely, arrogant teen!

“Then let Ling Xiao bring that teen along with me this time!” Xiebing wanted to ask about the training these past few days, along with that teen’s decision.

“Okay, we will leave you to rest…” Jun Haicang agreed, and after giving everyone a look, all of them left Xiebing’s room.

Xiebing scanned her internal injuries and gave a bitter laugh. Looks like I have overestimated myself, relying on previous life’s memory and the jade ring, but forgot that this continent is vast with many experts. Looking down on this world does make one pay a great price!

This time it will take a while to fully recover. Xueying fell asleep after exhausting himself by increasing his power by force. It’s all my fault, if I was stronger, and paid more attention to this continent, I would not have ended up like this.

Ability! Ability! Without any ability, everything is just talk!

“Knock, knock,” a few doors knock snapped Xiebing out of her thoughts, it should be Ling Xiao and that teen who has arrived.

“Come in!” Xiebing said as she sat upright with difficulty.

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