TGCMM Chapter 29 – Young Man

~ S Level Luck Shu Yu & E Level Luck Fu Wang ~

For precaution’s sake, Fu Wang had set up an illusion array in the chamber and placed a dummy figure of himself within it to complement the illusion array. Even if Shu Yu felt worried and came back to check on him, as long as she didn’t touch the dummy figure, the spell wouldn’t be broken. He could only hope that Shu Yu would remain outside to practise her skills and that he can take the pure golden lotus and return safely before she noticed.

Satisfied that the magic was deceiving enough, he left the chamber while making sure to hide his scent. He followed the trace left by Hong Yuan, the fox clan woman. He didn’t have a keen sense of smell like that of a high-level demon but the tracking device he made does a better job, at least he didn’t lose track of her. At this point, Shu Yu was so lost that she’d been robbed by a group of robbers and gotten thrown into a cave.

As he passed through a gorge, Fu Wang could never have imagined that Shu Yu was being held captive in it. So he glanced at the wild flowers that were growing all over the mountains and took a deep breath before hurrying along at the fastest speed.

When Fu Wang found Hong Yuan, she was hard at work. There was a dark skin muscled man lying on top of her, probably a grizzly bear demon. The woman’s coquettish voice and the man’s rough voice were mixed together, making sounds that would make the hearer blush. But Fu Wang simply glanced over, his eyebrows not even raising the tiniest bit before he carefully concealed his tracks and started considering his next plan.

After a while, from the place where things were being done, the grizzly bear demon suddenly let out a blood curdling scream. Fu Wang turned his head only to see the grizzly bear demon lying on his back, lifeless, with blood flowing from its hideous thing. Hong Yuan sat next to the corpse, her every move was very charming, even more so than the last time Fu Wang saw her.

Fu Wang narrowed his eyes when he saw her appearance, looking like she had just finished a tonic drink. It seems like after she was plotted by him and driven out of Qing Hu Clan, she also had a fortuitous meeting. Fu Wang had his own suspicions about this so he put his original plan on hold and began stalking Hong Yuan.

The stalking lasted for three days. During this period, Hong Yuan had found a few men and would roll with them after successfully enticing them. As if she were collecting nourishment from them, the man would die after they did it. Even if he didn’t die, Hong Yuan would kill him before destroying the corpse and leaving quickly.

Fu Wang recalled that Hong Yuan was a half-demon with undesirable innate roots just like him. By right, she shouldn’t have that much spiritual power, or even twice as much as his. Even if she were to throw herself into her practice, it was impossible to reach her current level. This had nothing to do with hard work and was just the physical limitations of a half demon’s body, the inability to withstand so many spiritual fluctuations and infusions.

After these three days of observations, Fu Wang realised that Hong Yuan must be practicing some strange magic, and an extremely sinister one. If others were to find out, she would become a fallen demon. Fu Wang wasn’t surprised that Hong Yuan had done this because anyone would do anything in order to survive if they were pushed into a corner, just like how Fu Wang would do anything to achieve his motives.

Hong Yuan’s cultivation technique was still a mystery to Fu Wang. This was an uncertain factor that could affect his plan so Fu Wang didn’t rush things, following behind his prey like a patient hunter, baring his cold fangs as he waited for the most suitable time to strike.

For the next few days, Fu Wang watched as Hong Yuan used her usual tricks to seduce demons that were alone and didn’t look like they were important demons from the Five Clans. Using her body, appearance and the Penglai Mansion key in her hands, she obtained their trust before enticing them to do it with her before collecting nourishment and silencing them.

From the words that Hong Yuan used to trick those men, Fu Wang finally figured out that the rumoured Penglai Mansion had yet to open and that she didn’t know its location. She only knew that when it was time, whoever held the key would be directly summoned into the Penglai Mansion. That was why she was currently busying herself with collecting nourishment, probably hoping to increase her chances of winning before she entered Penglai mansion.

At first, she knew nothing about Penglai Mansion but she had hooked up with a high-ranking snake demon in the Secret Realm, the son of a certain ninth city lord. The snake demon was obsessed with her and had told her about Penglai Mansion, wanting her to enter with him. One Penglai Mansion key granted entry to two demons and this was also what Hong Yuan used to entice those men. For now, Fu Wang wasn’t sure if that was true.

That high-ranking snake demon who had been killed by Hong Yuan for the Penglai Mansion key was the “Yue Lang” that Fu Wang and Shu Yu had seen her kill.

According to Hong Yuan, news of the Penglai Mansion’s re-emergence was known by all the demons in the five clans ranked clan leader and above. It’s also because of the Penglai Mansion matter that this year’s Lingyin party had been moved forward.

As for where exactly the Penglai Mansion would appear, was at Clear Wilderness, the largest Secret Realm. Twelve Fox Clan tribes, seventeen Tiger Clan divisions, nine Snake Clan cities, nine Winged Clan mountains and three Spirit Clan valleys. Every outstanding demon who was in line as successor would receive news about the Penglai Mansion. As for the key, four per clan and whoever was capable would get it.

Fu Wang frowned when he heard Hong Yuan’s words. Why wasn’t Shu Yu informed of such a big news? Based on Tian Feng Jin Yu’s abilities and her status in the Fox Clan, this news shouldn’t be concealed from her. Unless……the twelve Fox Clan elders were afraid that she wasn’t easy to control, or they had other plans in mind, so they had kept her in the dark used the Lingyin party to stall her.

As Fu Wang pondered these possibilities, Fu Wang caught onto the strangeness within the Fox Clan. Thinking back now, he felt that the days he had formed an alliance with Shu Yu had gone by too smoothly. Even with his help, it wasn’t possible for it to be flawless so why was there no movement from the twelve Fox Clan elders after coming to see her once?

With all these doubts weighing on his mind, Fu Wang once again solidified his determination to get the Pure Golden Lotus. He was currently too weak to withstand a powerful foe and Shu Yu was too green to help. If he couldn’t become stronger, when the rain came, how could he brave the trials and hardships with Shu Yu?

On the seventh night after separating from Shu Yu, Fu Wang hid in the shadows not far from Hong Yuan as his mind wandered. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking of the girl who had changed him.

Did she return home to rest? Was she searching for spiritual herbs for him? Did she worry about him or miss him?

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As for Shu Yu who was being missed by Fu Wang, she was also thinking about BOSS. Was his closed door cultivation going smoothly? Did he finish earlier than planned?

In fact, for the past few days, she would think of BOSS every mealtime. Think about his spicy diced rabbit~ braised pork, fried yellow croaker~ spicy diced chicken, stir-fried bamboo shoots~ lotus root pork ribs soup……Although she knew how to cook these dishes, it wasn’t as tasty as the ones made by Fu Wang. Besides, it was a hassle to cook something while out on a hunt so she could only settle for simple dishes. As such, she missed BOSS very much.

Eh, why does she get the feeling that BOSS just verified the saying that “the way to grab a woman’s heart is through her stomach”. Thinking back on things, it was a few days after she had told BOSS about this saying that his cooking skills began to skyrocket and the food he made became more delicious day by day. Shu Yu feels like she had just realised this belated truth.

Really, Fu Wang was constantly thinking about winning her heart.

“What are you giggling about?” Ji Luo Lian who was beside her suddenly asked.

“I am not giggling, you must’ve seen wrongly.” Shu Yu immediately put on a poker-face as she looked at the well-mannered young man sitting next to the fire.

This young man was named Ji Luo Lian, the twin younger brother of the Spirit Clan’s Ji Sheng Lian. The Spirit Clan had three valleys, Amber Valley, Cypress Valley and Moor Valley. The demon that Shu Yu saved from the robbers in that cave was the young master of Moor Valley.

With black hair, green eyes and a gentle face, he looked young and innocent like a high school student with an elegant temper but he was in fact a natural airhead.

As for why they were travelling together, it started from the moment Shu Yu rushed out of the cave with a dagger to find trouble with the seven remaining robbers.

The weather was clear that day, a suitable day for killing. But Shu Yu didn’t kill anyone. She simply castrated a few men, crushed a few demon cores and broke a few legs. Then, she took the eight immobile demons who were howling for their lives and left them at a place where many demons disappeared. As for why there were eight instead of nine, it was because the second brother had fled and Shu Yu didn’t manage to catch him.

The nine robbers were a group of wandering pangolins who were fortunate to have been able to occupy a favourable terrain that allowed them to start this ‘work’ of theirs from scratch. The gorge was home to dream flowers that could lure high-level demons. The stone caves in the gorge had a complicated terrain which they could retreat into whenever they faced danger. Therefore, they lived quite a comfortable life until they met their unlucky star, Shu Yu, where they were caught off guard and everything was overturned.

After dealing with them, Shu Yu had wanted to torch the dream flowers so that no other demon would fall into the trap but just then, Ji Luo Lian had walked out of the cave as he clutched onto the cave walls and said to her with a blank face: “These flowers also have life, why do you want to burn and destroy so many lives?”

At that time, with the thought that this young man from the Spirit Clan had cultivated into a person from a lotus flower, and that it was possible for these dream flowers to cultivate into a person like him, Shu Yu had calmly dismissed the idea of burning them.

In view of their previous agreement, Shu Yu should ask him for the reward for saving his life, special scrolls on arrays and alchemy. But, those undiscerning pangolin brothers had used the scrolls to make a fire and the jade slip was gone too.

Shu Yu had planned to forget about it, it wasn’t a big deal to save someone after all, but Ji Luo Lian had taken out a hollow jade ball and told her that this was the key to Penglai Mansion. As a reward, he could take her to Penglai Mansion to hunt for treasure.

She had worn down iron shoes in her search but finally received it with no effort! Shu Yu internally cheered, immediately agreeing to his invitation. As such, the two temporarily joined forces from then on.

It was easy to get along with Ji Luo Lian because he didn’t have any “young master” syndrome and didn’t cause trouble for others. He had no demands for his quality of life and he didn’t even need to eat anything. Just one small point. This little guy with facial paralysis had a one-track mind towards strange things, like right now.

“You smiled just now, and quite happily at that.”

“I didn’t smile.”

“I saw you smile.”

“You saw wrongly.”

“I didn’t see wrongly.”

“……” Shu Yu wanted to kneel to this guy with facial paralysis and plead for the young master to let her off! Having this kind of annoying dialogue, this stubborn man can really go on all day, oh my god!

To save herself from further ruin, Shu Yu decided to give up and said: “Fine, I smiled.”

Who knew that this facial paralysis young man would ask: “What were you smiling about?”

If she didn’t answer, he would keep asking. This was a BOY that could rival a broken record. If you didn’t tell him what he wanted to know, he would repeat the question and annoy you to hell. Shu Yu conceded: “I was thinking of someone.”

“Who?” Ji Luo Lian asked.

Since she had already spoken, it didn’t seem to matter if she said more. Besides, this guy didn’t know her and they’d eventually part ways when they reached Penglai Mansion, she’d just treat it like she was telling her troubles to a tree. With this thought, the desire to speak came out so with bright eyes, Shu Yu gave a sigh before saying: “I’m thinking about the person I like.”

“I don’t want to like him but I can’t help it. I don’t know if he likes me, he acts like he does but I can’t tell for sure. Actually, I don’t really care whether he really likes me. It’s my first time liking someone and if he’s willing to be with me, then regardless of whether he really likes me or not, I’m willing to give it a try.”

“However, my current situation is different. I want to go home, my friends and family are still waiting for me and they’ll be worried if I don’t return. I don’t know when I’ll be leaving, perhaps I’ll wake up one day to find myself back home but if we’re together and I leave all of a sudden, wouldn’t it be very irresponsible of me to leave him all alone?”

“That is too unfair to him so I can’t be together with him, en, I have to resist it!” Shu Yu gave a firm nod, as if she were trying to convince herself.

Ji Luo Lian sat quietly by her side as he listened to her confession. After a while, he responded with a surprising: “It turns out that even Tian Feng Jin Yu will fall in love.”

Shu Yu: Oh my god how did you know I am Tian Feng Jin Yu? I told you that my name is Shu Yu!

As if he’d heard her inner feelings, the facial paralysis guy said: “I’ve seen you before, it’s just a mask that covers half your face, anyone with eyes would be able to tell. Besides, the scent would never change.”

Shu Yu: “……” Shu Yu was speechless. All those historical dramas she had watched over the years are a lie! Didn’t they say that no one would be able to recognise you once you put on a mask?!

Shu Yu silently took off the mask on her face and threw it to the ground. No more pretending, she’s tired of it!

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