Hello! Love reading Chinese translated novels? Always wish to play a part for your favourite novels? You can do it now! Iluska & Maelani Team is currently recruiting proofreaders and editors! Below is what the Editors/Proofreaders in our team do: 1) Chase after the Translators for their translations. They can’t give excuses unless it’s valid. … Continue reading Recruitment!

XDTH Chapter 1 – Shang Gu Jun house

Seriously unedited One summer night, when the skies were clear and the moon was shining brightly, the faint moonlight flowed lightly on the lake's surface. A gentle breeze blew, creating small ripples in the water, with bits and pieces of willow catkins drifting on the lake's mirror-like surface. Beside the lake, a tiny white figure … Continue reading XDTH Chapter 1 – Shang Gu Jun house

TGCMM Chapter 1 – Migrate into the story

“I presume you’ve heard of Lady Jin Yu’s temper so I won’t go into the details. Just remember this. Do not disobey the lady. Otherwise, you should know what the consequences will be.” The housekeeper of Tian Feng Manor snapped coldly as he walked, crossing his hands. His dark tone and occasional backward gaze emitted … Continue reading TGCMM Chapter 1 – Migrate into the story