TDM dropped

Hello all readers! To all who’ve been looking forward to TDM, we’re sorry but we have to drop it. We will start by telling you how things work in Iluska & Maelani Translations. As we’re relatively new, there’s bound to be changes here and there. Which is why you’ll sometimes see that some unedited chapters … Continue reading TDM dropped

TDM Chapter 3 – Mysterious Mr Perfect

“Xiao Xuanxuan, are you okay?!” Ji Xuan had just reached the newspaper office and she was engulfed in a bear hug. She stiffened, feeling a little helpless, “Senior, I came to work looking fine, of course, I’m alright.” “That’s good, I was so worried for the whole night, I was scared that something had happened … Continue reading TDM Chapter 3 – Mysterious Mr Perfect

TDM Chapter 2 – The Method to Divorcement

Unedited Sheng Zeyan was not surprised with Ji Xuan’s words, instead, he understood and smiled, “ You created troubles in the past just to divorce me?” Jixuan did not say anything, seemingly as if agreeing tacitly. “Your reason for making all these ‘entertainment’ is also to divorce me?” Sheng Zeyan inquired. Carefully thinking in front … Continue reading TDM Chapter 2 – The Method to Divorcement