TCCMM Chapter 15 – The Unexpected

However, something unexpected will always disrupt this seemingly smooth plan. Just as Bai Che was plotting to find out more about Jin Yu and Fu Wang’s private affairs, Shu Yu and Fu Wang were caught off guard by an unexpected situation. To be specific, it was Shu Yu who was caught off guard, because BOSS … Continue reading TCCMM Chapter 15 – The Unexpected

TGCMM Chapter 7 – Half Demon Transformation

Shu Yu subconsciously rolled over, suddenly feeling like something was amiss. The place where she’d touched, the soft and delicate touch is accompanied by repeated movement, apparently it’s not the soft big pillow she held before going to bed. Shu Yu who was still in a daze suddenly woke up, her eyes had yet to … Continue reading TGCMM Chapter 7 – Half Demon Transformation