Art credits to @moss_mini (Instagram)

Name: Isadora

About you: Hmm you might find me lazy but I’m trying to change that. Hate waiting for people but I’m always late myself. Have a very polar opposite boyfriend, I wonder how  we’re even together ? You guys will be dazzled by my beauty! (Maelani:puiiiiii) ;3

Age: Proud to be 19 now

Birthday: All you need to know is that I’m an Aries

Favourite song(s) : Fake love, Blood Sweat and Tears, DNA, There’s nothing holding me back, “We Are”, Wolves, 告白氣球, Dong Saya Dwae, Who’s it gonna be?, Colours

Favourite band (s): BTS currently, can count BGA pleaseee, Chainsmokers

Favourite singer(s): Shawn Mendes, count in Marshmello DJ, Jay Chou, Charlie Puth

Favourite drama(s): DOTS, Goblin: the strong and lonely, Love in Trouble (suspicious partner), 奔跑啊!, Booklynn Nine-Nine, Suits

Favourite movie(s): Jurassic World (Part 1 only, Part 2 sucks!), Marvel movies, Your Name, Train to Busan, freak man “K seven stories ep 1” is coming!!!!

Favourite anime(s): Shokugeki no soma, Project K, 7 deadly sins, Fairy Tail, Utano Prince Sama, Assassination Classroom

Favourite book/manga/manhua, etc(s): Homriyama (well i hardly read manga)

Hobbies : Cooking especially, Reading knowledgeable books (Maelani & Iluska: ummm), Cafe hopping, Doing silly things, Doing trendy things

Dream : Be rich, travel around the world, gain many connections, if there’s an option; to not work

Food Likes: I’m a foodie really, loves spicy food the most, sweet desserts, sashimi etc

Food Dislikes: Very rare…. Oh I hate thin vermicelli noodles, and when the dish has either meat or veg (I mean why can’t it be both?)

Do you like translating?: Well if it gets me to bulk up my/other languages, why not?

What got you to start translating?: IIsuka asked me, and I was like YOLO!

How good are you in understanding Chinese language (1-10) : 7 (probably after reading China’s chinese)

How good are you in understanding English language(1-10): 9

Status (Very busy, busy, moderate,free, etc) : Right now I’m working so it’s busy?

Country of origin: We are part of china, Donald Trump says so