Art credits to @moss_mini (Instagram)

Name: Maelani (Not my real name)
About you: Singaporean, Female, Loves BTS, Introverted
Age: I don’t know, U guess
Birthday: 26 Aug
Favourite song(s): DOPE, Boy in luv, Fake love
Favourite band(s): BTS, One direction?
Favourite singer(s): Jungkook
Favourite drama(s): Don’t watch dramas, only anime and cartoon
Favourite anime(s): Kuroshitsuji, Assassination classroom, Shokugeki no soma
Favourite book/manga/manhua, etc(s): Anything to do with adventure and fantasy
Favourite movie(s): Harry Potter, Narnia, High School Musical
Hobbies: Reading manga, Light novels
Dream: I dream to finally know what I want to do in my life
Food Likes: Desserts, Dark chocolates (80%), Food
Food Dislikes: Most seafoods, Weird delicacies (cockroaches, rats, half formed duck), Slimy food (lady finger etc.)
Do you like translating?: Meh
What got you to start translating?: Iluska
How good are you in understanding Chinese language (1-10): 7
How good are you in understanding English language(1-10): 9

Status (Very busy, busy, moderate,free, etc): Busy
Country of origin: Singapore

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