Art credits to @moss_mini (Instagram)

Name : Marise

About you: I’m a mischievous seductress like my image representation.

Age: It’s rude to ask a lady for her age!

Birthday: Sep-tor-the 1st

Favourite song(s) : Don’t really have a favourite

Favourite band(s): I jump around bands

Favourite singer(s): Same as singers

Favourite drama(s): Hmmmm…GOT

Favourite movie(s): At this moment Incredibles 2

Favourite anime(s): Too many to list

Favourite book/manga/manhua, etc(s): Too many to list

Hobbies : Is it a sin to sleep in?

Dream : About food

Food Likes: Anything delicious and edible, especially creative looking ones

Food Dislikes: Bland, overcooked food

Do you like editing?: Depends.

What got you to start editing?: Got asked to

How good are you in understanding Chinese language (1-10) : 5?

How good are you in understanding English language(1-10) : 8?

Status (Very busy, busy, moderate,free, etc) : Busy

Country of origin: I wished I was from Narnia