Art credits to @moss_mini (Instagram)

Name: Sugakookie
About you: Army
Age: Grandma. Cause they’re all my grandkids
Birthday: Nov. Remember to wish me, you’ll get a digital kookie
Favourite song(s) : Airplane Pt2, 전하지 못한 진심, 初见, Crown, 无羁
Favourite band(s): Beyond The Scene
Favourite singer(s): Jungkookie
(The following will change quiteee frequently)
Favourite drama(s): (For now) 镇魂, 春花秋月, 陈情令
Favourite movie(s): Frozen
Favourite anime(s): Black Butler? and…Attack on Titan :B
Favourite book/manga/manhua, etc(s): Borderlander by Korekrypta (Exo Chanyeol fanfic looool)
Hobbies : Drama-ing, Read-ing, Sleep-ing
Dream : Idk…just to be happy I guess
Food Likes: Ice Cream, Oreo Bingsu
Food Dislikes: Cold food, Bugs (I had a bug in my broccoli once. Ugh. For curious peeps, I didn’t eat it.)
Do you like editing?: Uhhhhhhh…do I?
What got you to start editing?: Not what, but who. And to answer the question, Iluska.
How good are you in understanding Chinese language (1-10) : Understanding is 6, but actually recognising the words, I’d have to say…4
How good are you in understanding English language(1-10) : 9 (Modesty is good, kids)
Status (Very busy, busy, moderate,free, etc) : Very busy because of this lol
Country of origin: Galaxy – Milky Way